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I’ve been nominated for my first Liebster Award. Thank you to daslivax for nominating me to do this💜
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Questions asked by Daslivax

What is the best compliment you have ever received? 

– You are the nicest person i know.

Would you share the last picture you took on your phone?

What makes you truly happy?

– My family and friends.

Favourite beauty item?

– Brow pencil.

What is your least favourite word?

– Bother

What is your spirit animal?

– A monkey, we both are crazy but caring anf cuddley😂

Cat or Dog person?

– Both, although i do own and cat. 

Why did you start your blog?

– i have a passion for makeup and love sharing my opinion ln different products.

What is your favourite post? (include link)

– Not sure how to include the link on my phone, but i wrote a post on the zoeva brush set. 

Guilty pleasure?

– popping bubble wrap.

Describe yourself in three words?

-crazy, lovable, laid back

Review: Eylure lashes 

These Eylure lashes both claim to be lightweight and reusable, about 5-10 times. They both cost about 5-6 pounds and can be purchased at boots or superdrug or on Eylures online website.

Chery Lashes:

These lashes are extremely natural as they are very lightweight and comfortable. They leave a beautiful finish to any makeup look and have a very thin band, making them look like your lashes. My only problem with this lash kit, is that the glue isn’t very long lasting and my lash has started peeling off from the corners before through wear before. Apart from this i highly recommend these lashes, although i do think there are better lash glues out there that can be used with this pair of lashes. 

Eylure Lengthening lashes: 

These lashes are also extremely natural but give your eyes a stunning almond shape, due to their wing. These lashes would be very suitable when wearing a winged liner look. Both of these pairs of lashes are better for lengthening, but don’t thicken your lashes very much at all. I also highly recommend these lashes. Personally this pair is my favourite as it suits my eye shape the best, but once again i do agree there are better lash glues. 

Hope this review was helpful as always,


Review: Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation

This foundation claims to Be Long wearing and last for 8 hours, provide comfortable, all-day oil control and to be Sweat and humidity resistant.

Buying your shade:

The staff at Mac where very helpful when trying to match the perfect shade for my skin. They swatched the foundations that they thought would match me until they found the correct one. They matched my skin tone with the foundation in NC20.


The coverage of this foundation i find, is medium to full. Sometimes depending on the state of your skin, you may need a bit of concealor with it if you want a full coverage. 

How it wears throughout the day:

This foundation, for me personally, stays fully matte for around 3 hours. This is a lot longer than any other matte foundation lasts me, as my skin gets extremely oily during the day, resulting in me having to blot my skin. The only place this foundation allows me to get oily, is around my nose. The rest of my face stays fully matte throughout the day.  Mac studio fix fluid does have a very long wear.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: medium to full coverage, not heavy on the skin, blends easily, isnt patchy, hardly oxidises and the product lasts you a long time. 

Cons: doesn’t come with a pump, could be drying for people with dry skin and doesn’t stay completely matte throughout the day.

Is it worth its cost? 

This foundation costs £22. I honestly think this is an incredible price, aspecially for a highend, good quality foundation, although i do agree that the bottle should come with a pump for the price being paid. 

Overall opinon:

Overall, i really love this founation and use it every day. Its the perfect foundation that i have been lookin for. Matte but not heavy and cakey on the skin. The colour range for this foundation is huge, it has all the way from porcelain, to really dark skin.

I hope this review was helpful! Thanks for reading,

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Review: Real techniques bold metals face brushes

These beautiful Real techniques bold metal face brushes, are only 4 out of a wide range of brushes. These have been designed by the youtubers, Sam and Nick.

Powder brush:

This brush is the perfect size for sweeping powder round the face and for applying loose powder when baking. The fine hairs on this brush are so soft and such high quality, this specific brush has never malted or shedded at all. 

Flat contour brush:

Although i have heard this brush works perfectly for many people, this contour brush doesnt work for me personally as i find it too dence. This causes my foundation slide and my countour to be patchy, this occours both with cream and powder contour products.

Blush/highlight brush: 

This brush works incredibly for blush and for highlight as its the perfect shape and size to apply product delicately. This avoids harsh lines and gives a natural finish.

Foundation brush:

The foundation brush in this collection isn’t my favourite. Reason being that many bristles fall out everytime i use it and are very plasticky and long, giving you no control over your application. This brush didn’t work for me personally. 

Overal review:

2 out of 4 brushes worked for me in this collection. The powder brush and highlight/blush brushes did, but the other two did not. The price point isnt too terrible, they all vairy in prices but stay in the same range of £18-£24. Although, there are better quility brushes out there, for example the zoeva or morphe brush collection. 

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Review: Too faced Cocoa contour palette

This too faced cocoa contour palette consists of 4 shades, one cool toned and one warm toned shade for contour and one shimmer and one matte highlight.

This palette costs £32 pounds which means you are paying under £8 per powder as the set includes a brush. Overall i think this product is very high quality and the brush coming in the set gives the product travel friendly properties and makes it easier to apply in general. The powders are all extemely soft and blendable, i really enjoy this contour kit. It has many pros and in my opinion, only one con. The only fault in this product is the shimmer highlight, as the glitter in it is extremely chunkey and doesn’t give a glow to the face, and after a while the glitter simply just sweeps of of the cheek bones leaving nothing behind. Although overall i think this is a very successful product and is worth the price for what you recive with it.

Hope this review was helpful and thank you for reading,


Zoeva rose gold luzary brush set vol.1

Zoeva is a popular German cosemetic brand which ships to many countries in the world. This brush set comes with a fake leather makeup bag/pouch and 8 brushes.

Winged liner brush:

I’m such a fan of this brush. I use it everyday for my winged liner and find gel liner so much easier when using this to apply it. The gel liner always goes on flawlessly with this brush. Although i do think the brush should be a bit stiffer just so the user has more control over what they are doing.

Skin finish brush (the biggest buffer brush):

I enjoy using this for foundation as it applies an airbrushed finish, allows quick application and makes the product easily blendable. This brush is very dence and gives you maximum control.

Face shape brush (middle sized buffing brush): 

I personally love using this brush for cream contour, its so easy to blend product with this brush and does not allow any patchiness. It is also the perfect size for contouring your cheek bones.

Luxe soft definer brush (fluffy white eyeshadow brush):

This brush is perfect for a light sweep of colour onto the lids and the base shadow as it allows a very subtle, natural pop of colour when using the correct amount of shadow onto the brush. 

Concealer buffer (smallest buffer brush):

Personally i dont use this brush for concealer under the eyes as it can pull the skin and be very harsh on that sensative area, although its very good for blending dark colours in the crease of your eyelid.

Powder brush:

This brush is nice, big and fluffy so it is very succesful when blending powder round the face.

Luxe sheer cheek: 

This angled cheek brush is great for dusting blusher onto the apples of your cheeks and for warming up the face with a bit of bronzer.

Luxe petit crease: 

This brush is perfect for appling colours into the creasr because of its tappered shape and flexibilty.

Overal review: 

I really do love these brushes, they are such high quiality and have an amazing price of £65 pounds for 8 beautiful brushes! They are most defenately worth buying if you are thinking about getting them.

Hope this was helpful and thank you for reading,



Review: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

 The kylie jenner lip kit consists of a matte liquid lipstick and a lipliner. There are many shades to choose from, although i personally chose the shade Candy K. This is the shade i will be reviewing today.
Shipping and cost: 

The shipping for this product took about 2 weeks to arrive and costed about 13 pounds plus a surprise customs cost of 12 pounds in order to actually be able to recive the product as they stated i wasnt home at 7am that day when they tried to deliver it. I was awake at 7am and home that day they apparently tried to deliver it, so that was a big fault in the shipping process. In total this then costed me 45 pounds (including the actual products price)

My opinon on the product:

I personally do not like this product, which is very unlikey for me as i usually love most products i recieve. The reason for this, is because it is extremely over priced and after a few minutes of applying the liquid lipstick, it cracks like crazy, and you end up getting really wrinkly  looking lips. This product is extremely drying, although very liquidy before application. The company Kylie Cosmetics is very hit and miss, as the shipping isnt bad for everyone and the product does work for some people and not others, such as myself. Many people have also recieved half empty bottles of the metals liquid lipsticks, and with the price point that the product is at, i honestly dont think this product is worth risk.

Really sorry for this negative review, i do usually post mostly positive reviews, but i didnt want to write anything dishonest.

Thanks for reading,