Review: Eylure lashes 

These Eylure lashes both claim to be lightweight and reusable, about 5-10 times. They both cost about 5-6 pounds and can be purchased at boots or superdrug or on Eylures online website.

Chery Lashes:

These lashes are extremely natural as they are very lightweight and comfortable. They leave a beautiful finish to any makeup look and have a very thin band, making them look like your lashes. My only problem with this lash kit, is that the glue isn’t very long lasting and my lash has started peeling off from the corners before through wear before. Apart from this i highly recommend these lashes, although i do think there are better lash glues out there that can be used with this pair of lashes. 

Eylure Lengthening lashes: 

These lashes are also extremely natural but give your eyes a stunning almond shape, due to their wing. These lashes would be very suitable when wearing a winged liner look. Both of these pairs of lashes are better for lengthening, but don’t thicken your lashes very much at all. I also highly recommend these lashes. Personally this pair is my favourite as it suits my eye shape the best, but once again i do agree there are better lash glues. 

Hope this review was helpful as always,


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