Review: Carli Bybel Palette

   The Carli Bybel palette consists of highlighters, shimmer shadows and matte shadows. The shades in this palette are very neutral but have two plum colours which could be used to create a more intense look. Although i havent used the palette many times before, here are my findings and opinons so far.


As well as all the other shades in this palette, i was very impressed with the extreme pigmentation/ colour pay off of the cream (colour) base shade. The reason why i am so impressed with the pigmentation of this specific shade, is because i have never been able to find a cream shade with enough colour pay off in it to show up on the lid. Although, this shadow is perfect! The highlighters and shimmery shades are defenately the most  pigmented in the whole palette. A little bit definately goes a long way.


The texture of these shadows are very thick and creamy. Although they are thick, they are still easy to blend and i never experience the shadows applying patchy. The highlighter shades have really small, micro glitter particals in them, although you cannot feel them. They feel a very similar texture to the matte shades.


The design of this palette is very beautiful. On the front there is a white velvet, cushion pattern. On the back there is loads of information about Carli and the palette. Carli also put her favourite quote “aspire to inspire” on the inside, and a penguin which is her favourite animal. The palette is so original! 

Is it worth the price?

This palette costs an incredible ÂŁ12.50! I was so suprised when Carli released the details about this product and its price. She chose to make the pricing low, so most people could buy it and inspire others with creating different ideas with the palette. I would definitely say that this palette is worth its incredible price and if not more. The only bad thing i have got to say about the palette, is that the colour range is not very wide. Besides from that, which is not a very big deal, i love this palette and its defenately one of my favourites! The highlighters are phenomenal! 

Thank you for reading,