Review: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

 The kylie jenner lip kit consists of a matte liquid lipstick and a lipliner. There are many shades to choose from, although i personally chose the shade Candy K. This is the shade i will be reviewing today.
Shipping and cost: 

The shipping for this product took about 2 weeks to arrive and costed about 13 pounds plus a surprise customs cost of 12 pounds in order to actually be able to recive the product as they stated i wasnt home at 7am that day when they tried to deliver it. I was awake at 7am and home that day they apparently tried to deliver it, so that was a big fault in the shipping process. In total this then costed me 45 pounds (including the actual products price)

My opinon on the product:

I personally do not like this product, which is very unlikey for me as i usually love most products i recieve. The reason for this, is because it is extremely over priced and after a few minutes of applying the liquid lipstick, it cracks like crazy, and you end up getting really wrinkly  looking lips. This product is extremely drying, although very liquidy before application. The company Kylie Cosmetics is very hit and miss, as the shipping isnt bad for everyone and the product does work for some people and not others, such as myself. Many people have also recieved half empty bottles of the metals liquid lipsticks, and with the price point that the product is at, i honestly dont think this product is worth risk.

Really sorry for this negative review, i do usually post mostly positive reviews, but i didnt want to write anything dishonest.

Thanks for reading,