Review: Real techniques bold metals face brushes

These beautiful Real techniques bold metal face brushes, are only 4 out of a wide range of brushes. These have been designed by the youtubers, Sam and Nick.

Powder brush:

This brush is the perfect size for sweeping powder round the face and for applying loose powder when baking. The fine hairs on this brush are so soft and such high quality, this specific brush has never malted or shedded at all. 

Flat contour brush:

Although i have heard this brush works perfectly for many people, this contour brush doesnt work for me personally as i find it too dence. This causes my foundation slide and my countour to be patchy, this occours both with cream and powder contour products.

Blush/highlight brush: 

This brush works incredibly for blush and for highlight as its the perfect shape and size to apply product delicately. This avoids harsh lines and gives a natural finish.

Foundation brush:

The foundation brush in this collection isn’t my favourite. Reason being that many bristles fall out everytime i use it and are very plasticky and long, giving you no control over your application. This brush didn’t work for me personally. 

Overal review:

2 out of 4 brushes worked for me in this collection. The powder brush and highlight/blush brushes did, but the other two did not. The price point isnt too terrible, they all vairy in prices but stay in the same range of ┬ú18-┬ú24. Although, there are better quility brushes out there, for example the zoeva or morphe brush collection. 

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